Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pot of Gold

Hope you like it. Inspired by the song 'Lateralus' by Tool.


I cannot walk.
I cannot talk.

Weighed down,chained,
Trapped in a room with domestic walls
Fast closing in.
I watched myself.

My bones were crushed,
My blood was shed
My existence reduced to dust.
My rivers of blood and sweat,
Poisoned,Vile and insignificant
Ran down the sewers of life.

I could not see.
I ceased to be.
To exist.

The ever burning fires from the depths within me,
Spreading through my lungs,
Ravaging and destroying, devouring,
The parasites that fed on me,
The hot smoke choking me,
Devoid of moisture. Devoid of life.
Yet living.

This burden that I carry,
Of passion and consequence,
While the scourge of malice lashes upon my back,
While I am branded
With irons straight from hell.
The sound of music,the noise,
And the silence in between.
All seems the same
All is deafening,

While I regurgitate my sins
And am forced to swallow them whole again.
Exhausted, I cease to be.

When you shot arrows through the dark,
When the arrows pierced my heart,
You did not kill me
For I had died long ago,
But my love for you,
Bittersweet poison,
Did run through my veins,
My soul did tear itself apart.

Trust left me.
Lust laughed at me.
Love watched as I craved.
I ceased to be.

Hatred picked me up.
Anger dusted my back,
The devil gave me strength.
The devil’s son shook my hand.
What I was
I ceased to be.

I waited for the exorcists.
They did arrive.
The heavy price I had to pay.
My pound of flesh I had to give.
Guilt possessed me.
No one had anything nothing to say.

I cannot hear.
I cannot feel.

I am Numbed.
By all this beauty all around me.
In suffering and salvation.
In revival and redemption.
Eternal and Internal.

Eternal damnation.
Eternal bliss.
Eternal Ignorance.
Eternal Joy
Today to me my love
Is all that you will ever, signify.

My pot of Gold,
which you took from me,
will be returned.
Come war, Come peace.
In this life,
or the next.

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