Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Henotheist

Main Entry: heno·the·ism 
Pronunciation: \ˈhe-nə-(ˌ)thē-ˌi-zəm\
Function: noun
Etymology: German Henotheismus, from Greek hen-, heis:one + theos: god — more at same
Date: 1860

Meaning: the worship of one god(or tribe) without denying the existence of other gods
[— heno·the·ist \-ˌthē-ist\ --noun]

Silent Laughter, Silent joy
The sadness, deafening,
Death ahoy.

He watches them fight,
for the earthly, materialistic and fake
Their Lecherous eyes, mesmerised by gold,
Their minds secondary, Greed primary,
He weeps,
Why does he have to be
the only one awake?

No greater happiness than sacrifice he's told
Yet he watches them scenes unfold,
Of human hunger, greed, thirst and pain,
The result of which is pure
sickening gain.

These cowards already dead inside,
Their souls flee, they have nothing
left to hide,
He watches them, day in n' day out
helpless and silent he is throughout,
through summer, spring, sunshine and shade,
He wants to bleed, burn
before he fades into the enternal
blinding darkness of life.

They steal, rape, curse and lie,
while afraid of blood, afraid to die.

Divided by borders they willingly make,
Governed by laws they lovingly make,
Borders, laws they knowingly break,
Their feeble wash'd minds manupulated over again,
They dive into the icy waters of the the Devil's lake
and then,
Cry, beg and plead for mercy.

Tired, He decides to put himself to rest,
The need to pass on, so overwhelming
An infinite journey into eternity him awaiting,
To a new world, a new space, a new time,
The experience......exhilarating?
Disgusted, repulsed by the conceit ,
He seeks his poisoned chalice,
Tired, of the malignance and malice,
He obliges.

For they steal, rape, curse and lie
while afraid of blood, afraid to die.

You are born to die.You die to be born again.

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