Sunday, July 18, 2010

Since you people don't bother to read my works of fiction. Bohoo.

Now, here's the thing, I've had a crazy summer of sorts. Spain won the world cup,(yes, I was supporting them when people trashed them, and yes I would still strip for David Villa), Large amounts of beer were consumed, Small amounts of pot. I hit 120 kilometers per hour at 5 in the morning in a tiny car. Suffered from food poisoning in a small town called Mussoorie with 30 or so other friends, and had someone I thought who wouldn't care if I got hit by a bus on the street make the effort to dial an international call.

Now, What I'm basically going to do is, post a lot of the stuff I've written on facebook notes, random writings on my hard drive, and copy paste from my other blog over the next few days. I'd really appreciate your comments and critique on my writing, and not the ranting that I usually do. I think I'd make a decent author one day. Please let me know!

And as for now, I'd like you to have a listen to this ancient song from 1984 A.D by a man called Bryan Adams. I  came across the riff the other day and couldn't trace the song. Thanks to a little wise man called Sameer A. Thomas, (this part is from LOST season 6, i couldn't help it, sorry) --  

 I remember.

He wrote the song for his guitar. And being a multi-instrumentalist I so know what he is talking about. More on that later. The lyrics however would get the common person thinking eh? ;) 


Koo said...

And keep posting more often, you write well (:

UjSen said...

Am on it Sweetheart!