Friday, August 27, 2010

Help again.

I have exams in two weeks. I have six subjects- English, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Business Studies,Accountancy.

I am in a fix as to where and how to start.....considering this is my last year, I've decided that it's best if I leave my mark in academics as well.....the last time I did was 4 years back.

Any ideas?


Amour said...

Yeah, start studying.

Or is that not what you wanted to hear?

Disguise said...

Remember what we discussed. :)

UjSen said...

I wanted a detailed study plan. I'm too lazy to make my own :|

Disguise said...

Tell me how many hours you're willing to devote to a subject, and when you have classes. The days, timings etc.
Also tell me how long are you willing to study till, at night.

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Well! You're in luck coz I've been a geek my entire life! :)
Okay 2 weeks is not bad. You need to start studying NOW. For theory in Bst , A/c and Eco you should write down make notes? Writing it should help you remember it! Also, dont study the same thing for a long time, switching from one subject to another gives the brain a break. Stay away from the tv. I dont know about you, but its always been a distraction for me! Probably because Im a couch potato! Okay, Im starting to digress now..
Anyhoo..hope that helped! And if it didnt, Id say that you should ask more precise questions!
P.S-Is it just me or is it odd that you have Physics with Commerce??

Disguise said...

^ He's taken it as a 6th subject because it interests him :)

Amour said...

^ cool thing.

Crazy Diamond said...

hehe aww all the best Uj

i never made a schedule and was always a "she can do better, she is smart" student after the 10th grade

so i always scored average in high school

being organized helps. be disciplined. very very very strict with yourself for these two weeks. ignore all distractions. lock yourself and study. that's what my boyfriend did whenever he had his engineering exams and that's how he managed to score well

in short, go crazy

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Pull up your socks dude!!! Just first calm down and go through what you need to learn. Do those things first which you know you are bad at, or week in. Then move on towards the easy ones. You'll shine again. :)

All the very best!
Do well!