Saturday, August 14, 2010


Class teacher:  Well there's nothing about him that i can say that you don't know already.....he's smart, well spoken, brainy ...and very invovled with activities....

Mom: I don't know......he doesn't all.

Class teacher: Haan.....well, don't get after him, he's sensible enough to know what is right and wrong....but he's sleeps in most of my classes...

*Looks to me with a smirk*

"Ujjwal why do you always look so dopey and sleepy all the time? why are you always so hungover like...?"

Mom : Uhmmm....oh...-

Me: I sleep very late...and i pay attention in english class.

CT with a smirk : What do you do up that late?

Mom: He sleeps very late.....starts his work only after dinner.......

CT : Why what does he do in the evenings and afternoons and mornings?

Mom: sleep.

Me: Uhm..... On days I have tuitions I don't feel like studying afterwards....i push it for after dinner.

CT: So have dinner early? Ever thought of that?

Me: Hmm....

CT:  He didn't submit his notebook. Please write NOT SEEN and sign here :D

Mom: Why didn't you submit your work?

Me:'s incomplete...

CT: He doesn't have a notebook

Me: I do.

CT: No you don't. He doesn't. Not a single one.

Me : I do.

CT: We both know who's going to win this argument.

Mom: Complete your work. please.

CT: Listen to your can start by making notebooks...Anyway....please sign here....attendance for this meeting...and very nice meeting you..  Ujjwal get a stupid 80 atleast yaar.......this first term....

Me: 80 first term!!!!!!!!>>>?????????? Helloooooo?

CT : Why what's wrong? You have 6 days for each can manage...atleast aim for it yaar, you know your capable...just ......*smirks again*   clear you head.... for once and do it.

Me: I 'll try...Thanks.

CT:  Yeah...I mean if you aim for 80 you'll get stuck at 50, but if you aim for 50 , it's better you skip the midterms altogether.

Me:   :|

CT: thanks, that'll be all. Have a nice day.


MT: I have no problems with him at all, he's very involved with co curriculars, I know him as a person, and he's a great far as academics are concerned I can't comment because I've just started evaluating him....but he could improve.

Mom: How is he in class?

MT: Oh he's right in front, concentrating...he finishes his work on time, he's perfect.

Mom looks shocked.

MT:  As far as his marks are concerned he hasn't passed a single unit test this year....his highest being a 7.

Me : Lucky number.

Mom looks like she will kill me.

MT: Let's see after your midterms....only then can i say something with weightage, otherwise he's fine.

Brother's english teacher

BET:  OH! He's Ujjwal's brother!! I didn't know ! I haven't called you to complain.....but i want him to take initiative....unlike Ujjwal who takes the pains to stay out of class on some pretext or the other all the time....I remember in class 7, I taught him English, he never made single notebook, and attended about 15 periods in the whole year, and in the 10th I taught him economics and He still didn't change much.....everytime I wanted to meet you he'd sneak you past me....


CT : Are you on your medication again? You have band practice don't you?



Shivangi Sud said...

So.. uhmm.. *cracks up*.. Your teacher knows you're doping and drinking. And you have hangovers EVERY morning. Nice. :P

UjSen said...

I'm grounded now.

Shivangi Sud said...

Its not like you don't have a crate of beer under your bed and pot in your desk to help you kill time in your room! xD

UjSen said...


Shivangi Sud said...

And you can tell yourself that. But whatever. :P

UjSen said...

why does the world think I'm a drug dealer, when all I'm guilty of is flying?

Amour said...

Maybe the world is right? : O

UjSen said...

No. :|

Anonymous said...

Ok lemme Guess...
CT: we all knw
BET: Shobha Prasad
MT: Fair and Handsome.

Crazy Diamond said...

your mom and CT sound very cute :D

you... a pain! lol