Thursday, September 23, 2010

High Spirits.

No matter how many times I will go for a social gathering at friend's places, I have yet to learn to hold my drinks. I invariably WILL mix em. I WILL most probably NOT say no to that one tiny small......What's worse is, my capacity is like a woman's moods post menstrual. It's like my system has a mind of it's own.

I don't drink all the time or very regularly.(Even though it might seem so)....not because of anything else, but for the fact that I don't like to. Maybe that's why my capacity acts like a bitch at times.

Yesterday being one classic example. I was out the whole day, caught up with old friends , had a few beers, it was all going great. I went to a friend's place, one I haven't met for a while, It was there that all of a sudden, there came that point, when I realized how drunk I was.

It's even worse if you're....'socialising'  if I may use that word, with new people who are very attractive and very interested in ...what you have to offer...

And the sad part is, a dozen  incidents later, I still haven't learned my lesson.

Not only do I keep missing oppurtunities of all kinds, but after throwing up twice or more, no one really loves themseleves.

And the embarrasment. Oh em gee.

When it's just me and the guys, it doesn't matter much. Unless they post pictures of you doing a tortured version of Soulja Boy's crank that..... or a video of you doing push ups to prove you're still in your senses...but either way, the humor totally takes away any negative feelings whatsoever.

But when you're about to make your move on a girl you've set your eyes on..(a lot of guys will be smiling to themselves while reading this cause they know exactly what I mean) need to have your shit together...especially if she is interested....otherwise the performance related ego crush added with the embarrasment that you probably came across as a person who never got any and had no idea about what he were doing is just plain bad. I don't know if it's the same for the girls.

 I have never misbehaved, declared my undying love or started crying after heavy drinking. *touchwood*
Because I'm not that kind. I'm the 'sit back watch the crowd dance' person. On occassion I have been pissed off enough to the point of clearing the floor and showing off whatever I could do. ( I'm not that bad, headstands after drinks aren't a good idea though..)

 A lot of people will talk about the great hangover that follows....but honestly, I'm lucky that way. I bounce back fast enough....(unless I comitted beer overkill...then the headache is so bad it makes me want to swallow the entire Aspirin supply available to this great coutry)...a few hours after I've woken up at the most. I know people who spend the entire day in recovery.

My stories are not half as wild as ones that I keep hearing. And thank god for that.

I love being high. But I really need to get my capacity to stop being such a bitch. It's funny how often with guys I will end up drinking a truck load, and still be completely fine...often we've remarked to ourselves saying we should chuck the beer cause our systems were so strong...and i'ts funnier how when I'm at a really good party in a basement the truck load turns into a small car's boot, hence being rendered incapacitate(the irony is so beautiful) to make a move on the frisky girl I've been flirting with aggressively for the last hour.

I wish there was some kind of a device that would tell me that I had reached my limit and that I'd been out whole day drinking , so I should totally ditch the next round. Else I'll have lots of dialouges to share with my kids when they're in college.

Friend : Dude you okay?
Me:      Yeah. Get me some water? And give me five minutes...five minutes..

(makes aggressive hand gestures to support his speech)

Friend : All right .

after what feels like an hour-

Friend:  Dude, do you know what you just puked in?
Me:      Uhm.....a trash can...?
Friend:  No....that's what my grandmother uses for her 'Havan' and other puja related activities.
Me:       Fuck. I'm so sorry man.

Since I've written about this, I think I've learnt my lesson. Better be safe than sorry. Besides I won't be partying for months now. Yaay.


kanika said...

Haha. I chuckled more than once while reading this. :D
I LOVE being high too. I can not be responsible for whatever I do :D

Rudraksh Banerjie said...

Hahaha! Loved the conversation! Havan! xD Epic!!

UjjwalRaaj said...

Thanks guys!

IcE MaiDeN said...

hahahahaha! LOL... jeez guy, get your capacity up. I think even I would give you a complex! :P

Cheers (actually let me hold that! no cheers for you :P)

Jeweliot said...

hahaha such a bevda!

yeah puking men don't impress women. so when you're out with girls.. just stick to the safe zone