Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Apology.

I apologise to my fellow bloggers. I haven't been visiting your blogs. I've been updating mine a whole lot.

I've been busy. I like giving your articles and posts time. And until I have that kind of time, It'll be once in a blue moon.

Ps: How do you know if someone is over you or not?


Jeweliot said...

when someone is over you, they don't laugh at your stupid jokes like the way they used to.

when someone is over you, you don't catch them staring at you.

you don't get random texts from them as often.

you know

or if you can't understand the signs, just give it a month... if you see her with someone new, it's a good sign she's over you!

someone's over you and you don't like it? awwww *hug*

Tanvi said...

I won't accept apologies...

Well to know if someone's over you, just peek in their life, if they are happy you'll know. Plus signs like not messaging, not caring enough to reply you and don't give a damn to things you say... if you are unhappy won't even ask, even after reading your status on fb :P:P



Anonymous said...

I just caught your old blog by chance. liked the stuff written there. so, took time to check this out. well, how do you know if some one's over you ? its quite simple and yet complicated at the same time. they'll be happy in their own world. moving on in their life, finding new things to keep them company, to keep them satisfied. where, you're role will be decreasing exponentially by the day. one may say...lesser calls, lesser emails, texts, etc. but...well, i'd like to disagree about that part. you see, pretending is very easy. you don't know. you can never know what the other person feels exactly. she may say she doesn't love you...but maybe deep down she does.'ll have to ask her directly and hope that she says the truth. an easier option...though harsher... "let it be". you'll be happier.

Anonymous said...

You can never know whether they are or not. At times it feels as if they are and then one day they start sending you mixed signals. One question, does it matter? I'll say one thing...if you were significant to her, she'll never forget you. Girls are that way.

UjjwalRaaj said...

I hurt someone...BAD....and it's completely unlike me. It happened so fast, it was a a train that doesn't stop at a station, when you're on the edge of the platform....a gust of dry wind.

That person hates me. She cares I know. But she hates me for what I did. I can't live knowing that she feels that way. I miss her, her company. Things won't be the same, but I want her to be a part of my life while she doesn't. I put her through what someone put me through at once. I know exactly what she's going through. And I hate myself for that.

Sigh. Thanks for the hug Jeweliot. And Tanvi, what status?!