Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is the fact that I think most of my work is pure crap a bad thing? Is the fact that I get annoyed at people's positive comments and spiteful at their negative ones a sign of something wrong? Or do I just think too highly of my self? 



Disguise said...

You have issues and you need help.
That's just about it :)

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Yep. You're a psycho.
Just kidding.
Or maybe not.

Koo said...

*does not comment*

Rudraksh Banerjie said...

Tu paagal hai!

Jeweliot said...

the post label. you think too much!

but, lemme tell you, it's normal :D

Nitisha Pande said...

Thinking too much=Overanalysing= Active self deprecation.
It's okay once in a while, but relax, you're as normal or crazy as most of us! =)

Essay Tea said...

i know exactly what u mean. there are times when i'm convinced i'm utterly worthless and that everyone who thinks otherwise are idiots. then i feel guilty about thinking that. which restarts the cycle.
i usually get rid of such lines of thought by putting on some music.