Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The following lines came to me when I was out the other day. Just felt like putting them down. 

Life the lover, the queen of sadists.
In the heat of passion,
Drops of rosewater stream down her back.
Her lips taste like fruit from the gardens of heaven.

While we make love........
While she pushes me on to a bed of nails.

Pleasure in pain.

An intense eternity
Drenched in crimson ecstasy.
The white sheets brilliant maroon and burgundy.

Conclusion. In the breath of an instant.

Eyes open.
Death greets me at the foot of the bed.
Crowned with thorns,
I am led down the hallway.
The grand feast is near.

My lover has abandoned me.
The consummation of years of love and hatred.

Concluded in the blink of an eye.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. The picture goes perfectly.

UjjwalRaaj said...

^Thanks. Wish you'd leave a name though :)

Amour said...

I detect a deep underlying sexual connotation ;)

Jokes apart, I like it a lot. And if this came to you just out of the blue, then you should know how I function as well.

It's so blunt in it's approach, and very graphic, which I love.

Goood one, Ujjwal :)

Neelakshi said...

Its really well written and you've transcended the personal - good work:)

Purba said...

So raw that it hurts....Beautiful composition Ujjwal.

Avi said...

WOWWWW..i love the way you've played around with words...

Queen of Sadists, Bed of Roses, Lips like fruit from the Garden of Heaven, Breath of an Instant...phew! Mind Blowing

Very,very well written.

PS: Are you only 17/18? Brillant stuff for your age :) Way to go!

Pooja said...

You were out the other day, and you came up with this???? Where were you :O..

Wow, amazing play with words, absolutely raw and real and sensuous.

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Okay...that was hot.

seriously, where were you?? O.o

UjjwalRaaj said...

@Amour: Rofl.

@ Neelakshi: Thank you :)

@Purba: Biiig thanks and shubho bijoya :)

@Avi : Yes I am 17. Will turn 18 in a month( can't wait!)Thanks.

@Pooja: Haha, I was out with a friend of mine, she thought something went horribly wrong when I had a blank expression on my face and went into deep thought. Thanks.

Essay Tea said...

nice one ujjwal! although it does sound like ur making love to life while it's having a period.
srsly though, great stuff!

Tanvi said...

A dark fantasy, but in beautiful words....
Way to go Ujjwal!!!


UjjwalRaaj said...

@ Essay tea : Thank you. The blood is supposed to be from having being pushed on to a bed of nails and being nailed ( pun intended).

@Tanvi : thank you! :D

nil said...

Okay after quite a while, I read something that I could tell is your work without an undersigned.
Ujjwal, beautiful work!

Disguise said...

"While we make love........While she pushes me on to a bed of nails.

Pleasure in pain."

A little too painful, no? But, good work. :) I'll tell you what i think of it in detail when I see you, okay?

Yudhveer said...

that's unpleasant, very wrong and stupid.
I can do so much better. Lol JK
this is way more amorous than paulo coelho's 11minutes ( No sarcasm).
Nice little piece man. :)

kanika said...

Very very good.

Koo said...

All those words seem to have hidden meanings that string up together and connect to everyone in probably different ways.
The pain was wonderfully depicted :)
I loved it!

Shruti said...

Nice work ujjwal! :)

Jeweliot said...

sadistic pleasure..

we are pros at that! :D

i liked it, the image does go very well with what you wrote..

UjjwalRaaj said...

Thank you folks! :)