Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I just turned 18.

It's legal now........if you know what I mean >:D

Another year gone, another new set of ambitions.

As I come of age, I'd like to draw your attention to the facbook like box on the right side bar of the page. Please utilize it!

And I'll be getting all nostalgic about things cause I have just a day left of school. Haha. So expect posts like that.



Purba said...

I would like to see you soar, live your dreams.

Wishing you a happy 18th.

Disguise said...

It's just another day.
Just another number.

Monty said...

Good lord, you're a child.

I feel like Im doin somethin wrong by allowin you to even read the crap I write!

Anyway, welcome to adulthood. Or something. Just do what everyone else does and get drunk - there's no better way to age.

Jeweliot said...

happy birthday cutie :)

my birthday gift for you? i hit the LIKE button for your fb page :p

khush !

UjjwalRaaj said...

@Purba: Thank you sooo much ! :
@dishari: Yes exactly.
@Monty: I learn more from your writings than television. So you're helping society out that way.
@jeweliot: Thank you! haha yes I saw!

Dandelion said...

Happy Belated birhtday!
love your name bhaari! lol :P

wildflower said...

Happy Birth Day :) !!

UjjwalRaaj said...

Thanks all of you!