Friday, January 14, 2011



I met this particular person twice. Both occasions being at my place in winters. I met him last on Christmas eve, and got in touch with him( Read facebook). Currently pursuing Visual Communication at The Delhi College of Art), he comes across as a very reserved person initially; but boy does he have a sense of humor!

I came across a sample of his work while stalking his Facebook profile(oh come on admit it, you do it too) and I loved it. So naturally I informed him I was going to share it on my blog, whether he said yes or no.

So starting today, every week or so, on Fridays, you shall get your dose of World Domination. When I think we're running out of strips, I'll be sure to post something funny anyway. So it's going to be Comic Strip Friday from now on.

Oh by the way, all the characters are based on real people. The events however I'm not quite sure.......


Priyanka Banerjee said...

Oooh, sounds pretty interesting! :D
I tried creating my own comic series thingy, starring "Lungi man". But I cant draw, so they kinda suck :P

Vibhor Mathur said...

DUDE. Raghav is an AMAZING AMAZING person! :D

Sooooo trippy!

Jeweliot said...

sounds good :)