Sunday, April 10, 2011

24 hours.

8:00 AM -

Eyes open.Shower.Shit.Toothpaste.Clothes.

8:30 AM-


9:00 AM-

Prepare for Law and Business prep class.

9:30 AM-


10:45 AM-

5 minute break.

10:55 AM

Class resumes.

1:00 PM

Class over. Mom. Car. Tuna Sandwich

1:30 PM

Vodka Martini. Crushed Ice. Shaken with orange and lime.

3:30 PM

Final drafting of law school applications begins for National Law University and Common Law entrance.

5:00 PM

Rush.Nehru Place.Blue Dart. Kolkata. 50% student discount.

6:00 PM

Friends.Music.Beer.Hookah.Double apple.

7:15 PM

Screwed.Broke.No cash. Bouncers intimidating.

7:17 PM

Problem solved. Walk back home.

7: 20 PM

Gasp.Not the runner I used to be. Gained weight. Slow.Struggle. Nicotine gum instead. Mental note.

7:25 PM

Friend and her two grown brothers.Music.Speed.

8:10 PM

 The Asoka Hotel.Parking.Walk. Nehru Park. Delhi Jazz festival.

8:15 PM

Red Lights. Electronica. Jazz guitar. Jazz percussion. Tree. lanterns. Screens.

8:40 PM

Phonecalls. Joints. Chips. Grass.Jazz.Lenses.

9:00 PM

Drags.Holy smoke. Buzz. Sinking shoulders.

9:15 PM

Auto rickshaw. Helpful. I.N.A Market. Delhi Metro. Dwarka.

9:30-10:30 PM

Delhi Metro. Crowded. Stoned. Dehydrated.

10:15 PM

Phone Battery dead. Middle of nowhere. Miles from home. Empty trains.

10:40 PM


11:00 PM

Not just coke. Dinner.Hunted wild boar. Wine roast. Bread. Cheese.

11:30 PM

Stupid movie on TV won't end. Not just coke.

1:45 AM

Ram Krishna Puram. Empty roads. Lovely breeze.120 KMPH. Family.

2:00 AM

Home. Water.Sneaky.Not just coke.

2:15 AM

Cigarette. Boxers. T shirt. Terrace. Breeze.

2:30 AM

Being grateful. Happiness. Nostalgia. Longing.

24 hours earlier-


Tomorrow is a new day. It's funny how things chance in just a few hours.

Images courtesy :
                            Google images.


Amropali said...

eventful. that felt like a 48 hour day. I was getting mixed up between am's and pm's. Guess it's just the Sunday morning lag or the sissignments screwing with my head.

Maryam said...

First half of what Amropali said: SAMEE.

Vyankatesh said...

Quite a journey.

Catch my thoughts on a similar topic - A Whirlwind Of Thoughts

Sanjana M said...

Quite a day!

I was at the jazz festival too

nil said...

aha, I enjoyed this post tonnes. and yes, jump4joy was awesome :)

P.s- didn't see u today.. neha said you apparently walked by :/

nil said...

andd HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH MAKING YOU RUN! that part! omg I'm never forgetting that xP

Purba said...

Should have attended the Big Horn fest at IHC too - Mrigaya was playing and it was beyond awesome :)

UjjwalRaaj said...

@Amropali and Maryam:

It starts from the day before and ends the day after. :)

@Vyankatesh: Nice blog!

@Sanjana M : WASN'T IT AMAZING!!?? :D


@Purba: I've seen Mrigya a bit too many times and they're still amazing! I chose Jazz this time! :)

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