Monday, December 05, 2011

School Choice National Conference 2011


Catalysing Education for All:

Intention, Innovation, and Implementation
Centre for Civil Society and School Choice Campaign take great pleasure in inviting you to attend the third annual School Choice National Conference on Wednesday, 21 December 2011 at The Theatre, India Habitat Centre, Delhi, India. The conference will bring together top-level academics, policy makers and education experts to discuss, debate and formulate innovative policy ideas to achieve quality education for all children. The conference starts at 9am and closes with cocktails at 6pm.

Key sessions of the conference will be:

·  Implementation of RTE: One year after

·  Public Private Partnerships: Building sustainable models

·  Secondary Education: Renewed objectives

·  Disruptive Innovation in Education: Looking to technology

Early Bird Registration:

Rs 1500/- (US$ 30)

Rs 750/- (US$ 15) per person for NGO 

leaders, research scholars and school principals

Free registration for students

After 12 December, registration fee is Rs 5000 (US$ 100)

Contact: Baishali Bomjan
Email: Mobile: +91-85273 87708

For the Right to Education of Choice!

Amit Kaushik
COO, Educomp Infrastructure & Schools Management

Anil Swarup
Director General & Head

Ashish Dhawan
Senior Managing Director ChrysCapita


Dilip Chenoy
CEO, National Skills Development Corp

Geeta Kingdon
Professor, Univ of London

Karthik Muralidharan
Asst Professor, Univ of California

Maya Menon
Founder Director
Teacher Foundation

Michael Latham
Regional Director

Parth J Shah
Centre for Civil Society

R Sridhar
Managing Director
Educational Initiatives

Sem Haokip

Sudhir Mankad
Former Chief Secretary
Government of Gujarat

Sugata Mitra
Newcastle Univ

Suneet Singh Tuli
CEO, Datawind
Akash Tablet


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