Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Kind of Woman- Part One.

I've been getting a lot of of questions about the usual character sketches I paint of women I meet or write about and what kind of a girl is my 'type' to say the least. Needless to say all of them have been from other women. Smile if you must, but the following few posts in this series should quell the rumors around along with answering a few if not all the questions regarding my preferences. I must admit I also found this idea borderline ridiculous and the prospect of ex girlfriends and their families reading it up even funnier.

Please bear in mind that all of this is absolutely non serious, fictitious(who am I kidding....) and not to be taken seriously. I am also aware that some people might read this as a piece with very sexist undertones. To these people I ask to write about their ideal guy, Because I can't sadly.

My ideal woman-

Should be inclined towards and appreciate the arts, performing or otherwise.

Should love to read, read all kinds of books, anything that she finds interesting.Should be able to read between the lines, see through to the author, and then tell me about it.

Should know how to fool around with one musical instrument, or dance, paint, act or be productive with scrap and love doing it.

Should be open to all genres of music. The only genre of music she does not appreciate should be the type she has not heard yet.

Should have mood swings. But not all the time.

Should have the perfect balance of slutty, reserved and street smart.

Should dress to the occasion. A tad bit smarter than the rest to stand out.

Should be able to make good conversation, play with words and tear people to shreds with them when necessary. Even me.

Should love to cook, experiment in the kitchen(smirks) and love to eat.

Should appreciate colour. Should love to play with colour. Should appreciate the gift of sight.

Should be culturally inclined. Should look forward to festivities especially if an Indian.

Should take pride in her upbringing, of her roots and her family.

Should not be dependent or a slave to any substance, chemical, product or person.

Should be open to the idea of experimenting with alternative states of consciousness.

Should love animals.

Should love animals more than humans.

Should respect people's privacy.

Should not indulge in unnecessary verbal exchanges that demean or assassinate a person's character out of
spite publicly.

Should love to travel.

Should be open to Friday morning alarms at 4 AM with me standing over and telling her we're off to XXXX location for the weekend.

Even better, should be standing over my bed at 3:30 AM on random Friday mornings and telling me we're off to XXXX location for the weekend.

Should love cinema. The art of cinema and appreciate the nuances and technicalities involved.

Should be someone who I learn something new from everyday.

Should grab the newspaper before me every morning.

Should have an intelligent sense of humour.

Should have a healthy dose of cynicism. Roses on valentine's day should return sarcasm followed by genuine concern for where we were headed for dinner that night and appreciation for whispering in the ear when not required.

Should write full length sentences while making use of the short messaging services available on cellular phone networks.

Should love to work hard for a cause, a belief she finds meaning in and pursue it with all her strength. Should love to party harder, but not in excess.

Should have a health dose of materialism. Should understand that diamonds may not necessarily be my best friend and that Yellow Sapphires, Topaz and even Turquoise can be just as if not more sexy.

Should be entrepreneurial and have the urge to start something on her her own.

Should have a spirit of adventure. I will not say anything more.

Should be comfortable  in her own skin.

Need not be the most attractive person on the planet. Just know how to present herself.

Be a good friend, a nag, and pure evil when necessary in her dealings with me.

Should get me, my thoughts and accept me for what I am, inclusive of all my weaknesses, flaws and the skeletons in my cupboard.


I could just be in love with her.

So universe, are you listening?


nil said...

So I'm guessing last night's party did you some good, eh :)

Meher said...

Fuck! :P
'Nough said.

-thegirlwholikesyou- said...

Aww, shucks! ^_^

IceMaiden said...

You know. I like the elusive her already. Very much approved. :D

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Just out of curiosity, why do you particularly want her to have mood swings?

Anonymous said...

ok! so completely loving this one!makes me want to be this girl.

UjjwalRaaj said...

@nil: Lol no. Not completely. But there are stories you need to hear yes.

@Meher: :D

@thegirlwholikesyou: It's getting old. Give me a sign?

@IceMaiden: Thank you so much! haha.

@Priyanka: Because then I get to find things funny and write about them in spite here. More entertainment. Less boredom.

@Anonymous: Thank you. But why anonymous? Who knows maybe you are..... :-O

Kajal said...

Wow ... what a list. However sounds like a complete woman.

Glad I found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular reader now.

Anonymous said...


I could just be in love with her."

My favorite part :)

-thegirlwholikesyou- said...

I want to. But it's for the better I'm saving it for later.. Maybe you'll figure it out yourself, i hope.. :)

Disguise said...

I've heard most of this before. :D

S. said...

I could swear I know someone like that.
love this, btw.

UjjwalRaaj said...

@Kajal: Hello! I'm glad Indiblogger is actually bringing bloggers closer. Have fun :)

@Anoymous: Mine as well. :)

@thegirlwholikesyou(me): Let me guess, you enjoy me being in suspense and would love me finding out for myself right?

@Disguise: Really? much do I give out while sharing a cigarette with you? :P

@S: Brilliant! Introduce me? :D

God said...

Intelligently. :P

S said...

shall link you to her blog soon :)

alicat. said...

this totally inspired my first blog post :)

Anonymous said...

The girl in you finally speaks, eh? You want somebody to want her now, don't you?

Jokes apart, that is a FEMALE VERSION OF YOU!

UjjwalRaaj said...

@God: Yes I read between the lines. Lame. -.- But then again I liked the concept and design :P



@alicat: I'm glad! Thanks so much. Will keep in touch :)


But yeah it is a female version of me. And I see absolutely nothing wrong with that :)

Anonymous said...

i just love you ujjwal.truly one of the best pieces I've read :)

Sanjana M said...

I enjoy reading your stuff.
You should post more often.

Aishwarya Kharade said...

I love this post.

And yes, the Universe is listening, always. :)

Prima said...

All these 'ideal' characteristics may come with 'baggages' too!

If she's adventurous, she has the ability to mess things up completely and does so more often than most the others perhaps.

If she has appreciation for art/literature, she may be a harsh critique as well!

A woman like this makes a perfect character for a novel or a short story but the dramas that come with may be intolerable

Ever thought of it? ;)

bum-ble said...

thats me B)
lol jk u can keep the newspaper. :|

hahah ur so sexily arrogant :P

Maryam A. said...

I wanna meet that women too and get inspired. Or wait, maybe I live around many of such sorts..

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