Monday, December 17, 2012

You're the best.

Yes, it's been quite a while. I must apologize. I overestimated my capabilities and underestimated the complexities of the web all makes for a very good story indeed.

But it has all come together.

One) There are changes, some minor, some major. The background has now been changed to a stock one. The old RSJ, coffee mug stains, random architectural drawings and scribbles on my desk have now been replaced with a camera and is welcome, any ideas even more!

Two) There are fewer pages. There is a new homepage. I suggest you check it out. Yes, it was inevitable.Nothing is perfect, but my baby has finally taken to the air!

Three) Writing shall continue like before. However looking at the recent stuff I have with me, I can't help but wonder, if a person can change a lot over a few years. The way I write is not what it used to be. All for the better I guess. Lots of social issues. Lots of thoughts on the way this world works, some insinuating, some pleasing, lots of rambling.

Four) More music! I shall be writing more music and band reviews.Mostly from Pune and New Delhi. Some from Mumbai and get the drift.

Five) There's lots of catching up. Lots of storytelling. Less of lovesick beer goggled stumbling over the keyboard....I say less because I know myself well enough to not deny them completely...sigh.

Six) Lots of talk about pro audio, simple tips and tricks to make your listening experience better. Some of my own limited experience and some from experts who I will get in touch with.

Seven) NEW TWITTER HANDLE @sourcanvas and my very own @ujjwalraajsen. Follow for quick updates.Don't ask why I didn't do it earlier because I can't find an answer either.

Eight)  I haven't been able to write poetry. I can't bring myself to do it at all actually. Maybe if my hair grew longer....

Nine )  And of course, whatever hits me whenever it hits me.

Ten) Imaginate.Create.Experience. That's what I live for. I think sounds, I think colour, I think feeling..and I will try to share as much as I possibly can!

Do check out ..............and well it's been quite a ride.

Lots of more memories to be made. Lots of new blogger friends to make. Here we go 2013!

Thank You and Lots of love :)

Ujjwal Raaj Sen


sumon said...

Nice post.

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