Friday, May 28, 2010


I've recently gotten hooked on to 'Collective Soul' again. Damn, does it make me feel good.This whole post grunge, alternative thing is what I'd love to do if I could have a drummer, bassist and guitarist who just followed orders and did what i told them to. It would work. We would be great.The tunes in my head are hit material alright. And we wouldn't sell out.

Apparently "Shine" was a demo, and they didn't have enough time to re record it for their album. So what we've heard, the studio version of Shine is actually the demo.Now what's so great about a demo you might ask? But go around, ask any honkin hobo
into strings, and he'll tell you that in an age of auto tune( cough cough *T-pain Cough)and studio effects, with mastering engineers working day and night to get it sound all perfect,

Somewhere we've lost the soul. 

It's probably  why the shabby recordings from the 60s make you feel so great. 

Collective Soul feels like a hug really. A big warn one.



prats said...

excuse me???
drummer who followed orders???
drummers dont follow orders!!
they make u follow their's!!!!
remember tht???
will help u in future to form a band!!!

Jessi Haish said...

Great post - love this band. :)

UjSen said...

Thanks Jessi!

@Prats. Drummers are dumb...most of them.......they give of that vibe.. :P :P