Thursday, June 03, 2010

Letting go. Moving on.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to let go of things. Things which will probably seem trivial 10 years on..I hope....

Whether it's broken guitar stings, or a broken heart, Why do I find it so hard to move on, to accept that I have failed where others have succeeded? Why am I so hell bent on proving things........just to make a point?

Just because we lose sight of things at the horizon doesn't mean that they don't exist.

Is this what they mean by saying ignorance is bliss?

I keep looking around, trying to find meaning in things, relationships, that completely wrong?

Is it possible that there is no such thing as fate or destiny....and it's all coincidence?

I think it was Buddha who said desire was the root of all right he was......

In the Geeta, the Hindu Bible.....Arjuna asks Krishna 

"What is it that incites one to commint acts of sin, even against one's will,as if....compelled by force?"

Krishna Enlightens him,

" It is lust...desire for all things material ..... that leads to attachment......attachment leads to an intoxication...and that passion results in rage....and rage destroys the mind. Rage destroys the conscience, it destroys intelligence....A man who has curbed his lust is a superior being...So Arjuna, the greatest of warriors, let not lust take control of your senses...fight..for it is your duty.  "

Is there any meaning in me opening my Sanskrit textbook from tenth grade, flipping through the pages and coming across this ? 

A wise fool, I feel i'm slowly drowning in my pool of sin......I realize I am a pretender.*

*to be continued.


Disguise said...

Okay that passage by Krishna made sense to me, in an odd way, but it made sense to me.
I think Buddha was right too, desire is actually the root of all suffering. If there wasn't any desire, we wouldn't want more, us not wanting more wouldn't result in us suffering because we didn't get what we wanted.

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