Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~ Aparajita ~

The night without the moon and stars,
A candle with no flame,
Jasmine, Rose with petals falling,
A picture, A painting with no frame.
A harp with no strings.
My Life without you.

A vivid Unreal dream from which
Impossible it is to wake up today,
A cherished memory,
That refuses to fade away
Those Few seconds of frozen time,
Etched in my memory forever,
Those Few seconds of blissful oblivion,
I Fear will come again never.

For when our lips touched,
I tasted heaven.

Another wave lashes upon the sea shore,
Our footprints devoured By the Hungry Tides
of time distance reason logic,
Carnal in nature.
While I dwell upon the tiny glimmer
Of hope and faith,
In the face of reality’s Wraith.

Seeing you in his arms,
Jealousy pounds on my door of outrage
I choose not to answer.
I have no clue as to why,
But I choose to wait and watch
As time flies by.

Seconds, Minutes, Days and Hours,
Waiting to be released from behind these bars
Of duty and principles,
While stark reality laughs in my face.

I swim in my ocean of thought and emotion,
Trying to free myself
From your state of beauty and perfection,
An Indulgence, an intoxication.
Searching for your substitute.

A longing for your warm embrace,
For your touch I lust.
I crave your companionship,
Why are The Gods of fate to me,
so partial so unjust ?

Time immemorial our moments seemed then,
I wish for your laughter in my ears to ring,
When will this bitter cold winter end?
When can I feel spring?

My feelings for you remain undiminished
And remain so come what may,
But now to me you live up to your namesake,
And remain the unconquered, the unvanquished.


Holly said...

Love this! :)

Tanvi Nimkar said...

This state of yours is temporary my dear friend. You may feel the spring once you know that you live for yourself. People may come and go, its for you to decide if you want the pain or the prudence.

It was indeed beautifully expressed. Read this and you'll understand what i mean :)

UjSen said...

Oh you're absolutely right, the state was indeed temporary,took about a few months......Was involved for 4 years so yeah!



Thanks Holly!

Disguise said...

Great poem, you know that. But relly, Ujj? The title?

UjSen said...

The title goes well with the ending.