Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have an irritant need, 
To lose myself in those eyes,
To my surroundings pay no heed,
And break free,
From all earthly ties.

But those horses are reined in ,
To myself those feelings I keep,
For creeps in this human reluctance,
To take a plunge into anything that seems deep,

But come that wide and disarming smile,
Turning bright and clear the darkest weather,
Being so close while so far away,
Would make anyone feel,
Lighter than the lightest feather

Her individuality is what many would jealously guard,
A drawing magnetic force,
Taking me higher, closer,
Making a person better, stronger,
Perhaps, plunge into the dark realms of remorse,

Yes there is a streak on vanity within her,
But that does not matter,
For when you take to someone as strongly,
Trivial issues wither
And die like the leaves of autumn,
The dry and nippy weather,

The lioness loves fun and games,
But a centaur’s intuition is of renowned fame,
She has eluded me in the past, 
And at present continuing , or is it so?
If yes, I wonder how long this elusion will last

My feelings I don’t expect,
Anyone to take seriously or to understand,
For I am what I am,
And that  I cannot change, perhaps will not change,
For when that looking glass will be shattered,
At least, she will know who and what I truly am,

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