Monday, August 02, 2010


I've been drinking a whole lot lately. I haven't been smoking Cigarettes lately ,because I've rolled two joints in the last month.

But the saddest part is, i noticed a slight jiggle on my abdomen today while running down main stairway at school.

It's depressing. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not all flabby or whatever.  My six packed turned into toned abs with a balanced layer of fat on them(they ceased to be COMPLETELY ripped), and then it's turned into this. All this change in 3 years.

I need to change my lifestyle. Or is it my diet. Or is it the beer? Is it the beginnings of a beer belly or is it a smoker's belly?Or was it walking out of the school basketball team resulting in a decline in serious cardio?

Or is it all of them together plus a mind that doesn't shut the fuck up?

I'm eating a heavier breakfast and  lighter lunch from tomorrow. Dinner can go to hell. Just something light and snacky.  As long as i fulfill my minimum calorie intake (for me it's about 2300-3000, yeah i know my metabolism is on overdrive.)  And starting my home workout routine again. Sigh.....hope it'll help.

If you come across this and have some advice to offer, please do.

I can be such a girl at times. 


Tanvi Nimkar said...

Hey you need to take care of yourself. Don't mean to scare you but plz do go to a doctor as soon as possible and get that lump in your abdomen checked, in case if its something more serious.

Besides i don't think you are a small kid to tell you that smoking and drinking is injurious to health. And this is a serious issue. Stop drinking and smoking before you get addicted , this is for your own good.

Lastly take care of your health. Do visit a doctor.

UjSen said...

@Tanvi: Lol it's not a lump!! I'm putting on weight that's all! But yes I know about the ill effects. I've been on it for two years now, haven't got addicted , and never will. You have my word.

Dipti said...

its nice to see someone worried about a slight gain in his weight

im not the only one!!! yippeee

go jog daily..simple

and yeah avoid heavy dinner..and sleep at least 2 hours after eating

hehe :) following ur blog. dont worry about the comments, they'll start pourin in! specially since you can be such a girl :p

women are popular na! whatever shape size :D

UjSen said...

^Yes yes absolutely!! Who doesn't like women? They're the reason the world isn't falling apart.


hopelessly flawed said...

it is all of them together..but thank god for that mind of yours that doesn't shut the fuck up...just listen to it..its already talking a lot of sense.

i can't advice...i cant help laughing at myself even if i try to..
so can't help you there..anyways take care.

UjSen said...

Thank you!