Saturday, August 07, 2010

Amazing week?

I had a very nice week, I'll post all details later, but here's the short version.

Runners up with two other people at the mother of all debates in the national capital territory. Got a standing ovation from a few, lots of female attention, chairperson and organizers stayed back in the parking lot to ask us where the hell we've been, and tell us we were awesome and gave us their personal contacts to keep in touch.

My band unsigned is all set to go. Worked on a decent profile, have gig offers coming in.!

School band is in order, we have a chance at winning this time at the annual Bosco Fiesta.

I got kicked out of the dance for the fiesta because i couldn't be with the band and the dance guys at the same time for i know.....but then as compensation and acknowledgment of the fact that I can kick ass with a microphone on stage, meet your new presenter for the events :D

First place , creative writing competition in school. I still don't remember what i wrote, but felt good receiving the award.

Two ex girlfriends and I have started talking again.....we're on really good terms....and all three are  looking to make up for all the lost action.We've all been through hectic times and need a break. No strings. No attachments.....hopefully they both stick to it.....and don't come to know about each other.....I'm glad they don't know I have a blog.

I've taken a seriously liking to Nichiren Buddhist chanting, the lotus sutra and etc. Feels amazing.

I don't have the urge to go abroad for higher education anymore. I don't worry about my future anymore. Anxiety etc have not come into my system....a lot of negativity seems to have left you might not be getting deep, morbid poetry or a new piece under succeeding to fail for a while. Lol.

I am grateful for this last week. Met new people. Enter...acted...with a few old.....felt rewarding. I pray I have many more to come. :)

And......HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE DICKINSON!!!!!!!  You give me reason to live.


Dipti said...

wow, that is one amazing week indeed.
CONGRATS!!! i didn't know i had such a talented rockstar amongst my blog friends

all the best for the band :D what do you play? or do you sing! how's the drummer? i have a thing for drummers he he he

chalo, have fun!

hopelessly flawed said...

your on a roll..

don't want any "deep, morbid poetry or a new piece under succeeding to fail writings"...stay this way...

ahh i miss that rush that's flooding all over over this post..wish i was in school again...soak up every drop of it..all the best

UjSen said...

@ Dipti
I'm flattered!

Since you asked, I started playing the Tabla at when i was like 5, moved to the guitar, got bored, played bass and loved it, picked up the drums and the keyboard on the way.People say I can really sing, but I never focused my energies on my vocals :P

@hoplessly flawed(You're not)

Here I am after 13 years in school,looking back feeling like I haven't achieved anything. I rather just move on....It's all mixed really...I don't know what it's like to be out of school, so yeah ....

Dipti said...

fab :)

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Pretty exciting week, huh? Debating, writing, compering, jamming with a're multi talented! cool :)

UjSen said...


I don't think there's anything such as multi-talented...there is talent and skill.....but most people chose to believe they aren't capable of anything like that and try to let their academics and career define them....not that there's anything wrong with that...I just do the things I like to you and chocolates perhaps? :)

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Enjoy the week ahead too ;)

UjSen said...

I did :)