Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expressions on Independence day.

Just a few thoughts that have crossed my mind over the last 24 hours. More will follow.

JINNAH- You were a bastard. A whore. You wore suits and ties, and sipped on scotch, thinking of yourself as the savior of Islamic interest, while you tore this country apart, you motherfucking son of a whore. And thanks to your decision, 3 quarters of a million people died. Not that it mattered to you. Your state....your 'dream' is now the hotbed for terrorism and hatred. Your country also tops the list for web searches related to animal sex, and pedophilia. Congratulations.

Pakistan - Please for God's sake stop acting like a cranky bitch suffering from post menstrual stress. Get over it. We are far more superior to you. Accept it. Take care of your beards. And enjoy animal porno. We have more Muslims in this country than yours. And none of them want to be a part of your failed state. So eat shit.

Non Resident Indians -  I don't know why you are where you are. If money and career mean more to you than your family, your roots, your country, then I don't call you an Indian. You can sit back being a second class citizen and criticize this country all you what, but you know what? If you had real balls you'd be back here fighting it out. We're better of without your charity, your criticism, your nostalgia. Don't call India a great country if you don't believe in it, or want to be a part of it. You're as good as a porkistani war hero to me.

 (The page 3 crowd) -  If  I had the power I'd ship you all to Pakistan. Charity is not a fashion statement. You're all so happy in your own little world, that it's amusing more than appalling. I feel like making you crawl on the streets in the dirt to give you a taste of reality.

The people of Kashmir :  I had a high opinion of you people. Until your tried to defeat the Indian army with stones. I mean really? You want freedom? Are you insane? Do you not realize that you will get run over by militants who will be far worse than the Indian army? The army does not believe in killing children. It's up to you to keep them inside when there's fighting going on outside. Rise against this country, and we will crush you, choke you and force you to be a part of us(It will still be better than what thos pakis would do). The choice is yours.

The Indian Media - GROW UP.  It's not about ratings. Learn from BBC and CNN for God's sake. Do you not think of questions before asking them? There should be a blanket ban on channels like India TV for fuck's sake.

The Indian Navy - I will try my best to overcome personal obstacles hope to be a part of you some day. And the next time the IB warns your intelligence department of a probable attack. HEED . HEED. HEED. It'll be the whole of Mumbai the next time.



Anonymous said...

My Views:

Jinnah- He was a whore alright.
btw aren't all separatists the same?? feed bullshit to them until you brainwash them of all reason.

Pakistan- Give them a chance,
(uhm i won't comment on pedophilia)
just because about 5% of the citizens who are hardcore terrorists (read: whores) doesn't mean that the state is failed. I know a lot of pakistanis personally, believe me they are absolutely like us....... (or better than MNS, Rakhi Sawant & Hurriyut separatists)

NRIs- Won't comment

Page 3 crowd- Absolutely! going to I day party doesn't make you a true Indian.

Kashmir- Dud, believe me half the people didn't even care whether they are a part of Pakistan or Bharat. That was until shit likeBombay Blasts, 9/11 and stuff. they stuck with India. Then Pakistani Bitch Mush & Army tried forcefully conquering Kashmir and we had a bulkl called LOC. This started fucking things up as terrorists came in like never before and inserted such bullshit in Kashmiri children's minds.... they have now grown into young adults and those thoughts have poisoned their mind like no other (read my 1st point) devoid of reason and logic.

Indian Media- Ya when supernatural chudails and astrologers dominate TV then its BS. But there are still good channels like NDTV and Times Now. So maybe we shouldn't generalize

Indian Navy- best Of luck. Uhm would your height make the cut?? I dunno exactly...

UjSen said...

I know pakis too,but i'm not talking of the urban educated metropolitan folk. I'm talking about majority of the people who live out side the cities. Who are made to believe India is the root cause of all their problems.

It's their minds.Their logic. They can correct themselves of face consequences.

Barkha Dutt asked a 12 year old girl who got shot in the leg on 26/11 whether she felt scared and how she felt. BULL FUCKING SHIT. Even NDTV is not what it was.

I meet all standards for the Indian armed forces. Including running 4 km in under 15 minutes, 20 push ups and the whole lot. I'm more concerned about the other hurdles.

bengalimishtiz said...

Lol. You shouldnt haved been so hard on Pakistan. Sure most of them are terrorists and sickos alright but still....give em a chance.

And yeah, Indian media really needs to grow up.

Anonymous said...

@ Ujjwal....
Barkha also asked a lot of meaningful questions....
she's a damn good journalist....
she gave us a whole insight into the brutality of that attack from that interview....(I ALSO WATCHED THAT!)

UjSen said...

Barkha Dutt is dumb. She should retire. Permanently. If she didn't get kargil she would've been nowhere. She just got lucky.

Anonymous said...

^ cynic aren't you.....
P.S: Behind every success is a lucky break.....

Koo said...

Very strong opinions you got there! It's a good thing. Opinions. I agree on most. Esp the Kashmir one.

Amour said...
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Amour said...

I like the part about the Indian Media.
Because it's true.
Barkha Dutt is a whore for sure, whose soul is sold to whoever, or whatever, offers her more money.
Her questions are mundane and controversial for no reason.

Oh no wait, that's the entire Indian Media.

About the NRI's. I'm not much for generalizing, in most cases, so I won't say they're all bastards.
I think I read somewhere in your blog that you had recently given up the desire to go abroad for further studies?
We all have our goals and aspirations.
I want to do well in life so I can write my way into a revolution.
That is, believe or not, all I've ever wanted to do.
Die knowing I've achieved something of national consequence.
If going abroad is a means for that, why not?
If I stay there and abandon my ideals, then, yes, I'm a bitch.
And criticizing is part of life.
But when we do nothing to follow up then yes, it seems indubitably pointless and after a certain point, plain lethargic.

Crazy Diamond said...

heheh yeah a lot of thinking and anger..

The Indian media definitely needs to grow up, get over the trp business and report real news. About time! India tv is a joke.

All the best , hope you join the Navy. Men in uniform are VERY attractive! he he

Amour said...


Basit Zaidi said...

Pretty well written stuff.

Agree with most of what you say, except the bit on Jinnah. The guy is quite possibly one of the most misinterpreted leaders in history.
He became seperatist only by circumstance, certainly not by choice, let me assure you.
Even then, his idea of Pakistan was way different from what most people assume it to be. Its just sad he died too early to actually be able to do something about it.

And as for the guy whos trying to defend the media, are you kidding me?? Forget Barkha Dutt, every single newscaster/moderator/reporter is a joke on this country today. And you mentioned Times Now, Arnab Goswami is someone who continues to redefine the term 'retarded prick' every time he comes on tv or holds a discussion. Its quite a pain watching the lot of them, really.

Disguise said...

Can you not fucking insult Barkha Dutt? She's not dumb, if she were she wouldn't have made it as far as she has today. Every young journalist has dreams of becoming as successful as her someday.

kanika said...

Extremely well written. And I agree with each point, wholeheartedly so. You seem to have put out all that a lot of had been thinking but did not have the balls to say on a public portal. So hats off to you.

Amour said...

I'm an aspiring young journalist.
I don't want to be liked her.
And i'm not talking about her personality, or the person she is.
i'm talking about what she stands for.
and what she's doing with the power she has.

UjSen said...

Barkha Dutt is dumb.

Jinnah is controversial yes. I shall read about him more now.

Yes men in the navy are very attractive. Pitty they're on a boat for 10 months a year.

I take back what i said about NRIs. There is a lot more I Should have considered....

Thank you all :)