Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Life has no direction. It doesn't feel nice.


Shivangi Sud said...

I bet.

Have you ever considered getting out of your depressed state of mind and figuring your life out for yourself.. without someone having to tell you what they think it is that you need? It's about time that you stop being so oblivious you know. Especially when you're talking about having direction in your life. I personally feel that its just a state of mind that anyone can control. You need to sit down once and for all and just THINK about what you want and how you have to get it. Don't get up till you've decided. Could take all night, but it'll be worth it. But then again, your short attention span might just come into play and you wouldn't go through whatever it is that you've decided for more than a couple of months at the most.

God help those who fall prey to my philosophical moods! xD

nil said...


And, I'm sorry I was caught up yesterday.
We need to catch up..

UjSen said...

I've spent dozens of sleepless nights trying to get my life on track. It's crazy.

Nilanjana: You're a ditcher.

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Ujjwal you know something direction of life is not everything in life... Its just a small step towards your dreams. You should stop spending sleepless nights, as its not going to help at all. You need to think what you want out of your life. Ask this to yourself, and then one day you'll definitely get the answer.. It reminds me of my blog post when i was going through the same...