Thursday, August 12, 2010


I haven't eaten a proper meal in 4 days now. No breakfast cause I'm always late for school, no lunch cause i stay back in school and come back late after a bottle of coke and sharing  the occasional mild cigarette with two other people(yes we're heavily cutting down now) Evenings I have a plate of Momos, or maggi. And Dinner doesn't exceed 3 Rotis.

And I'm not hungry most of the time. I'm tired. But not hungry. This has never happened before.

Should I be concerned?


Shivangi Sud said...

Was that question rhetorical?

UjSen said...

No :S

Shivangi Sud said...

*Looks at you with a blank expression*


So incase you're looking for the answer, here it is. Yes.

UjSen said...