Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drowning in darkness

Why is a funeral is so artistically vivid? The sight of bits of ash being blown by the wind into the each individual particle having a life of it's own.....the wind blowing the heat from the funeral pyre at you....making it glow brighter.....the expressions.....peaceful...fillled with hate...or indifferent..

The notes, the colors........despair...sorrow....death.

The classical interludes of an acoustic guitar, with bits of jazz, while the singer mourns for his loss.....

Why is loss so appealing? Why  wouldn't I mind diving into the ice cold waters of   hell, and swallow the sweet syrup of death, while a thousand nails pierce through my skin?

Why would I breath in cold water....linger on the few moments of euphoria that follow...and float forever in the void of nothingness....

"Oh beauty is beguiling call to death and I'm addicted to it's sweet siren...."

I need to sleep.

My favorite track as of now. If you haven't already heard it, please do. You'll love them. 


Shivangi Sud said...

The amount of negativity in this post is painfully depressing and repelling. You need to go on a holiday or see a shrink. Sheesh! That is, if its fiction.

UjSen said...

It's hard to explain.....Somehow a funeral is a very peaceful and happy scene, yet being so morbid and negative....I told Nilanjana about it once in detail....maybe she can put it in better words for you.

Shivangi Sud said...

You mentioned it once when you came back from Akash's dad's funeral too. I wasn't referring to the funeral anyway. I was referring to the fourth paragraph!

UjSen said...

You're right.....I just need to get away for a few days....mind is too cluttered.

Crazy Diamond said...

loving the song Uj

I cannot relate to the understand na? heheheheh

I'm in a rasgulla-eating phase right now..

But nice music

nil said...

Yeah, I remembered the first one. Quite in detail and vividly as you'd explained it. And I had told you something about you, if you remember?

Anyhow, yes, you need to get away hon. Without getting food poisoning,though :|