Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nostalgia III

Continued from Nostalgia II


Sometimes, surprises don't delight you. They make your skin crawl. Sometimes surprises don't make you smile.They make your nostrils flare. Sometimes surprises are a declaration of war in an instant.

But alas. It was a girl. The girl in fact.

Hating a girl complicated things.

Unless you were a girl of course.

It meant having no decent leverage. You couldn't instigate , bring her out and bust her head through a car's side-rear view
Though it would feel very  nice....... You couldn't do much. You could use sarcasm, and have her reply with some half baked come back which people would guffaw at, because well, it was coming from a girl. And the best or worst part was, people would frown upon you for having negative feelings towards a girl. The only thing that would work was in the emotional department. Something that he had yet to discover again.

Fairer sex my ass.

"You okay?" Apoorv asked with an amused look.

"Yeah, how could I not be?"

"Ooh contempt..... Get over it, let bygones be bygones"

"She made my life living hell. You better watch over me, cause I might have a drink to many, drag her into the alley and you've seen the movies...."

"Dude , are you out of mind?, Grow up man.Go take a few drags of Apu's bong and come back. Jackass."

But Bidyut wasn't listening. He walked straight to the table. Took the seat right opposite her. She'd changed    over the years, literally and........figuratively. But her face was almost the same. He wished he could wipe that smile off her face forever.

"How much for an hour?" He asked.

"Excuse me? What?"

"You know , how much for an hour? Do I have to pay extra to have a little more fun apart from the obvious you know....OH , is your pimp around, do I talk with him then?"

"He's drunk. Excuse us."

Bidyut  made a mental note to give Apoorv a piece of his mind later on.


Purba said... much rage! And strangely it made me smile (but only for the right reasons)

A sizzling-hot read.

Disguise said...

Holy shit.

Hahahahaha, i love this :)

Dandelion said...

m so biting my nails for what comes next...gimme more...soon!

UjjwalRaaj said...

Oh there's a lot more immature scorn from where that came from.

@Purba : I'm confused.
@Dishari: Thanks! :D
@Dandelion: You'll be the first to know!

Dandelion said...

I'll be waiting! =]