Sunday, January 09, 2011


It's fucking freezing outside. All schools are shut. All schools have postponed their Pre-boards/mock exams. All except mine and another few part of the same stupid association. To hell with convent education. I will so take it out on my school after all this is over. They have it coming. The whole fucking lot. And I'm talking about ALL the schools and their Principals.We shall be their worse nightmare. Bwahahaha. The heights of degeneration and disrespect? Oh you ain't seen any of the real shit yet.

You're lucky cause our batch is a very talented one. Be prepared to have a fiesta of colors, graphics, beer showers and toilet paper coming your way. Who knows we might be happy enough to light a few crackers up your.....buildings. Through your deranged methods of governance,  through your sheer will to make us ideal citizens, you have turned most of us students into binge drinking, chain smoking, life haters. Your skewed views and conservatism on real issues, your lack of ability to manage funds is scoffed at by most. You should get out more often. Rumor has it you've also driven teachers to carry their little flasks with them. Congratulations you hippo fucking critical Bastards. See you in hell.

And you insufferable pee holes from Delhi Public School, stop whining you bunch of wankers. Your " Oh no, now we have less time for our boards" bullshit isn't going down well with us. Don't make us want to make more multimedia messages out of your lot. Same goes for the girls not getting any except from their books from Springdales, while you lot get off on your fat textbooks, we're going to be out there on the fields.....some of us might even never return.



S said...

Unleash the terror!
bravo bravo..
*all my sympathies*

Disguise said...


Amour said...

Fuck off man.

Meher S B said...

Haha, all you need are red horns on your head. A rebellious devil.

nil said...

Beer pi le.

IcE MaiDeN said...

jeez you kids! :D

Purba said...

Uhh what was that???