Friday, January 07, 2011

Getting loll-ed at.

I had the worst accountancy paper today. I never thought I'd say this.........but I actually blame the weather for flunking. My hands are so cold in the mornings, you could probably saw it off and it would take me a while to notice.  It was the same thing day before yesterday with Business Studies. Except in that paper I actually KNEW stuff and would've topped my class had my hand not jacked up.  The government of Delhi has shut down schools for now. But WE still have to go and write a three hour paper.  And we're not given extra time.

It's like we write a sentence and then sit on hour hands just looking around and trying to calculate in our heads while staring at the questions.
But today to add my existing handicap, was the fact that I have the brains the size of a tablespoon when it comes to accountancy. I have never felt so stupid and american blonde high school drop out-ish as I do when faced with accounting. It takes my self resepect and throws it out the window. A very humbling experience? I think not.

It's not that I'm bad with numbers. I just don't like systematic recording of transactions. I don't like money. And I don't like clerical work. (no offence to accountants....I know you have to clear those really difficult exams for your license and shit, but it's not my cup of tea). And then they will all have a catch. Like "Creditors worth 16000 were unrecorded" , " The company decided to allot shares pro rata to 10,000 , rejected 5000 applications and 3000 were forfeited and reissued"  NO SHIT . Why complicate so much? No wonder there's so much scope to rip people off . I mean aren't we always taught to simplify things. I wish I had know the clean organized kind.....maybe that would help. I can bet my posterior on the fact that if we were taught ways of hiding money and had classes on laundering. I'd be ahead of everyone else.

So the section B of my paper was worth 20 marks.....and I should be getting 6-7. That means I clear the part B. Part A  worth 60 marks I rather not mention. It was so bad that I started helping my friend who was sitting behind me doing his physics paper. And luckily enough he had a wave and lens junkie right in front of him.

I wish I had a wannabe glorified clerk in front of me.


Cameron Armstrong said...

Thats why I'm an English major. I can't stand math

IcE MaiDeN said...

I loved Math in college, but didn't understand any of that Accountancy because I'm the Engineer :P :D

Though can relate to the doomsday-like feeling in exams. Sigh. :|

Meher S B said...

As much as I loved math in school, I've had nothing to do with commerce. But most of friends suck in accountancy too. My sympathies.

Disguise said...


I love you!

ladylavendersays said...

Love math, but not the accountancy kind. That sounds dull and boring, and a little too complicated. My brother does top accounts tho. weird cos he's not a nerd at all.

And I remember having to write exams in the cold. Never managed to finish the paper.

S said...

Loved the title of the post :P
and the post too!

Dandelion said...

ok, so now u knw how i feel lookin at accounts??????
numbers in particular actully! :P
i hope u pass though! :D

vineet said...

it happens yaar, cant help,next time keep exam centre @ chennai, trust me, even @ 12 on 31st, u can stil gv ur exam wit no sweaters on :P