Saturday, January 29, 2011


*Ring ring*


"haan.....milna hai?"

"uhm...who's this?"

"Kya yaar janeman...apne ujj-"

*somewhere in the background* -( "Mom, I have to give ____ blah, he has blah something blah..)

"Uhm, Hello.. Oh is this *****'s mother?"


"Oh FUCK. I mean sorry, *clears throat* , Good evening, may I speak with her?"

"Who is this again?"


*in a very pissed off and stern voice*

"Yes Ujjwal, what do you want?"

"Uhm...I was wo---"  *Cut*

*Ring Ring*

No one picks up. Tried three times.

Lesson(s) learned :

1.Try to avoid dating girls who's mother's voices sound familiar to theirs.
2. Remember if their mothers hate you or like you. (in my case no surprises)
3. If a particular male friend of your girlfriend (***N) , got drunk and turned up at her doorstep and demanded to see her, so much so as staying for a few hours on the stairs, before telling her mother how much he loved or or whatever, she will be paranoid.
4. Your girlfriend will screw you.(in the bad way)...and that doesn't necessarily pertain to this scenario. She'll screw you anyway.
5.They will both hate you for thinking it was funny and calling back to tell them you thought it was funny.


Her : Are you mad? First thing you say is "milna hai?" She's lost it. Especially after the ***N incident.....
Me: El Oh El xD
Her: She's not letting me do anything now, She thinks you're ***N pretending to be Ujjwal. She's SO irrational.

Me: Aah, so that's where you get that from....

^^That's what I felt like saying. What I really said -

Me: Can I call pretending to be ***N ? :D


In retrospect, I also learned one should be honest, because you're going to be told off anyway.

I guess I won't be seeing her for a while. Sucks.


Purba said...

Why is it guys make a big deal about the girl's Mum. Me, I'm far from scary - yet the guys insist on conjuring up a scary image!

Aww c'mon guys, this is the 21st century!!!!

Anonymous said...

el oh el

•Dipilicious• said...


UjjwalRaaj said...

@Purba : Well, in my particular case, the mom is very scary....hawk like....maybe it has something to do with being a teacher.

Guys are more scared of the dads, but I've been lucky. I tend to get along with the dads more somehow!

@Anonymous : exactly.

@Deepti: I'm pretty sure your boyfriend was at some point of time close to getting torn apart by your parents too!

Anonymous said...

y wd ur gfs mom take ur call?
bt still,haha

pyvb said...

bhencod XP ha

Anonymous said...

lmao :P

Maryam.. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maryam.. said...

Hahahahahaha Oh my gosh. This is hilarious but man, I can feel your pain :P Don't worry!

UjjwalRaaj said...

@anonymous: Landline call!

@piyush: Exactly xP
@ Maryam : No pain! :D

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