Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My girlfriend is awesome.

So here's the thing, me and my (very) significant other, were pretty tied up on V-Day. It didn't make much of a difference, cause frankly, I have the emotional capacity of a tea spoon and all the heart shaped balloons and candlelight dinners and nada nada, make my organ of love( the blood pumping one) ache. But nevertheless this year it also happened to be the day I learned how awesome she actually is.

The problem wasn't that she wanted to see this other friend of hers that day. So.. she wants to have coffee with another guy and it just happens to be V day...what gives? But the fact, that I'd be left alone was. What would people say?  But since she's such a caring soul, she tried to talk me and an ex into going and  having some fun together...which is perfectly fine because that person in question is lots of fun and a really close friend anyway.

The realization that dawned on me was -

YOUR girlfriend = wants you to take her out and spend 'together time' and do things like hold hands and have dessert....on a plate..with you across the table..while..

MY girlfriend= tries to set me up with an ex.

Somehow, this seemed totally wrong to a lot of friends. They couldn't fathom how -

1.She could spend a few hours with a guy friend she hasn't met in a while over coffee (while he tries to get into her pants obviously...she admitted it later on..anyway..)

2. She wants me to go have fun with someone else and talks to an ex girlfriend of mine and starts making plans ( It's scary how it seems they get along)

3. Yours truly could be absolutely fine with both 1 and 2.

Most female friends called me

1. A bastard.
2. A terrible boyfriend
3. An asshole

and asked me what was wrong with me. ( that kinda goes without saying)

Most male friends however were just plain clueless and some found it hard to had the cheek (and balls) to hint towards me dating a hooker. I can't wait to give it back to him. He'll have his camera up his ass with me remote shutter releasing and hence clicking pictures of his intestinal lining if I'm still pissed off enough. Else I think just a yell will do.

While in conversation with her the day before, we were both expressing our disgust at the concept of  "Hug day" "Teddy bear day" etc. and asked ourselves the question- Why the fuck wasn't there a "Sex" day...a question that has often popped up in conversations with many others. The conclusion was - You probably needed an excuse to go out for dinner...but people didn't really need an excuse to celebrate. Also the Shiv Sena.

She also allegedly  expressed her preferences for a room instead of a meal.(she didn't say it that way. I can't write it on a public forum...sorry aaaand I say allegedly because she retracted that previous statement....due to certain specific codes of conduct and societal norms that the fairer sex go by....or just plain frustration....I can only guess)

The realization dawned on me -

YOUR girlfriend = wants a full course gourmet meal, with all the cliches and attention and gifts.

MY girlfriend = wants the keys to the room ;)   ( with me in it might I add)

But all plans aside, I decided that my energies were best put to use into delving deep into macro economics and strangely the day passed by. (It's easy if you wake up at 1 pm anyway) ,

So all we ended up doing was catching up on the street while walking back home. Me from a friend's place after photocopying this Rajnikanth load of notes and a beer and she after some mock exam.

The only emotional thingie in me was the realization that -

1. Exactly 4 years back I was the exact opposite of  the disgusting thing that I had turned into now.
2. I could actually write poems at that point of time for a particular person.
3. I had the energy to walk a few miles to just see her for an hour or two , because I had to , because it was V- day.
3. I was probably more in touch with my feelings...ew.

and then the biggest one-

I had finally grown a pair.

And then I felt this huge hug and feeling of accomplishment.

God I love myself. And her too.  ( That kinda goes without saying)

PS :  I received an award from the very stylish , very mysterious Meher Manda a while back. It's a complicated procedure that the recipients have to follow, and requires intense thinking  and so I'll get back to it when I have lots of time and thank her properly, but for now, THANK YOU!  And do check her out...of course her blogs too ! Haha.  Love :)

PPS:  I will write about what happened four years back, because that changed a lot of things.


kanika said...

You ended a post with 'Love'?

I like this post though (:

kanika said...

wooowwwiiiiieeee :)
amazing :)

Anonymous said...

haye kameene posessive nai hai saale?ass hole :O

Crazy Diamond said...

such an adorable girlfriend :D she has sense. preferring the room to dinner. can call for food in the room too na. Good good. I like :>

Addy said...

great gf you got there man. awesome understanding!
Also, I'd have read this 15 minutes before, had there been a background to contrast the text, its quiet difficult to read with the picture background.

UjjwalRaaj said...

@Kanika k : Yes I did! =D

@Kanika : Thanks! :)

@Anonymous : Insecure people are possessive. Jab mereko pata hai mere mein koi kame hai hee nahin, to there's no question :D

@Crazy D : OMG you're so right! Though I doubt we'd have time to order food ....... ;)

@Addy : Thanks man. I think it's a problem with your browser because I have a semi opaque table in between the text and gets hung up at times..hence the refresh button..but yeah, thanks for having the patience haha.

Anonymous said...

WOW.who wouldnt want a thing like her?
not very demandid so easy for the pocket and yet:P
awesome writing dude.

Anonymous said...

demanding *

Meher S B said...

Okay, that is weird. As much as I liked reading your post, a girlfriend acting like that is so weird.
Btw, you're welcome.

Maryam said...

You're going pretty well. Good luck boy :P Haha!

mehul said...

hey,im reading your blog for the first time.was randomly going through stuff on other blogs but after reading your blog properly i would give away an award to you which would be of the most versatile writer.stuff is brilliant
(love reading about your very different and interesting gf ;)great work ,keep writing

kanika said...

I just awarded you! :)
Go collect at :

Jessi Haish said...

good read! can't wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

more please?

Meher S B said...

Okay, I'm awarding you again, yo!
The most versatile blogger! *woot woot*
Check it out. =)

Anonymous said...

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UjjwalRaaj said...

@Meher: Compared to others yeah....but she's like that only :P
Thank you sooo much!!!!You make me feel so special! =D

@Maryam : Haha I guess...

@Mehul : thanks !

@Jessi: Yesss, more to come soon!

@Kanika : YAAAAAAAAAYIEE again . =D

Anonymous said...

badi pagal hai tanya :p no offence,im her best friend and i think shes way too lenient.but olsoo a biatch

Anonymous said...

badi pagal hai tanya :p no offence,im her best friend and i think shes way too lenient.but olsoo a biatch

Anonymous said...

is she actually actually a whore?cause you cant get someting this cool this easy
everyguy would want to get into her pants dude

ansh tandon said...


shikhar jojo said...

even i wanna vday like this man!wow what fun?lol

Anonymous said...

what a@slut dude

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