Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bucket list for the next 3 years.

Just thought of doing it. Some might come across a bit unorthodox or self destructive. But that's what I am. The list is not in any order of preference at whatsoever.

1. Get a piercing. Preferably left eyebrow or slightly above the left earlobe, close to the fold.Or maybe both

2. Push a car to it's top speed limit on an empty road. I want to feel the steering wheel shake in my hands begging me to stop.

3. Rob someone/Coercion/Extortion. Someone who had it coming. Someone who it wouldn't make a difference to.

4. Crash a car.

5. Party loaded until sunrise. Preferably during Sunburn festival at Goa.

6.Get a tattoo of two things that I find meaning in.Garuda, and a two religious texts I have been attached to for a few years now.

7.Get in a serious fight. Serious stuff. Not the typical high school scuffle... and then beat the crap out of someone.Preferably when my level of anger and physical fitness is at it' peak.

8.Make at least three short films.

9.Mix electronic dance music for more than two hours at a stretch in front of a live crowd.

10. Do it at least 10 times in 24 hours....for starters.

11. Play good music on stage as a part of a group and get paid for it.

12. Record,mix and master at least 12 tracks worth of original compositions.

13.Save a life.

14.Go without speaking a single word for a week, no matter what.

15.Shave my head.

16.Build some serious muscle.The kind that make people stay away and think twice.

17.Pay for a total stranger's lunch.

18.Teach three underprivileged  kids to read and write from scratch.

19.Walk from my current residence to Delhi University North Campus(that's about 25 kilometers or 15 miles or 5 hours with breaks for water and snacking)

20.Spend the night in a public park, sleeping on a bench.

21. Spend the night on a beach, or on a riverbed.

22. Spend the night on the sidewalk.

That's it for now. Will add more later.


Ice Maiden said...

Go for it! :)

Amropali said...

Get in a serious fight. Serious stuff. Not the typical high school scuffle... and then beat the crap out of someone.Preferably when my level of anger and physical fitness is at it' peak.

fuck!!! this is on my list too!
and I was just talking about it yesterday with my guy and he freaked. today he had a new first aid kit in his car. :P

bengalimishtiz said...

Do go for it!

Meher said...

Its crazy, go for it. Yeahhhhhh! :D

Amogh said...

Nyce!! Read Mine


rest of my life!

Ruhani said...

Started off in a crazy, destructive manner. ended well :)

Disguise said...

Why do I have a feeling that most of this will be done by the end of this year? =P

UjjwalRaaj said...

@Ice,Bengalimishitz,Meher, I will!

@Amropali: It feels good.

@Amogh: Right on it!

@Disguise: Naah, I'll wait... :))

Nikita said...

interesting !!1 Haan

Get in to serious fight..lolzzzzz

Meher said...

Hey, on completing my 100 posts, I just wanted to give away an award to my most favourite bloggers, of which you are one. Check it out at http://goo.gl/pRrai . Thanks!

*orange plum* said...

Hahaha.. Something told me halfway through this post that you're a Fight Club Fan :D

aakash said...

*feels lamIsh (if that's a word)*
I just eat and poop, and kind of satisfied :|


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