Sunday, June 12, 2011


So, as you might have noticed, I've been mostly inactive on blogger for a while now. Especially after February this year.

I've been preoccupied with a whole bunch of entrance exams, university applications etcetera etcetera.

I am pleased to inform you, that I have been accepted into the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication Pune and am to pursue a Bachelor's in media studies. SIMC(UG) as they call it as you know is this country's premier school for media related studies. St. Xavier's Mumbai being the other one that is also a brilliant place to be...but yeah.....we have access to some pretty kickass infrastructure so I'm not complaining.

Apart from media, I have also been accepted for Law, Business Administration. I guess I did something right.I gave those exams well....cause I had nothing better to do :P

I am proud to say that I cleared every entrance exam that I gave, except National Law University Delhi and Delhi University's exam for entrance into their business programme. Both these tests I made use of to irritate and annoy people who's life seemed to depend on it. I am not proud of it.....but I'm one hell of an annoying prick when I'm not serious while giving a test.

From asking the girl on the right , if she came there often, to making disproving expressions to the guy on the left I had lots of fun. I particularly enjoyed giving thousand yard stares to the invigilators who had a funny way of making sure things were all right. They asked me if I wanted a drink of water. It's hard to concentrate on one of the the country's most competitive business exams when you know you have three years of media waiting for you.

However, my significant other, being determined and hardworking soul that she becomes at times, nailed it. She now has to prepare for her interview and group exercises. Having a science background she will tread a path not for the fainthearted(read me). With God's grace, hard work and a little bit of luck, she should make it through all the way.

After a nightmarish high school experience, that made me feel retarded, made me look at myself to spot symptoms of some kind of severe learning disability, subjects that I would work on but to very little avail, I am glad it is all over.

Now that I feel that I am on my own playing field with renewed enthusiasm and vigor my first goal is to(after an excruciatingly long period of time) be ahead of my class. Doing that will make my chances of taking up international student work and exchange programmes much easier. So hopefully God willing I should be spending a semester or something in Nanyang Tech Singapore, or Bremen, provided I work hard, which goes without saying.

I should land in the Oxford of the east at noon on the 28th this month. Term begins on the 4th of July, another significant date in world history.

A lot of funny stuff happened during my group exercises and interviews, which I shall put up when I can take time out.

I learnt today that I shall require very little book work, and I have the freedom to submit my assignments online, which should make my life easier....but knowing my distrust for computers I am a bit jittery.

My family being the overprotective bunch that they are, have been telling me to take all the hazing/ragging in 'good spirit, and in good humor', which makes me wonder what they had to go through......

I'm being narrated excerpts from missing laundry mysteries, to rouge roommates...speaking of which I hope I have someone I can get along with. Worst comes to worst, it'll be a stinking rich punjabi kid who's closest cultural experience was on the fields. OR have some super conservative southern dude, who starts shaking at the mention of pornography. Either way, what are cigarettes for...erm...

So that's it for now I guess.....will keep posting.

Best wishes.


aakash said...

college, my friend, is the best time of the life...
it's as awesome as watching the movie hangover being on a high ;)
Have fun!


Ice Maiden said...

Oh yay! You are moving closer to Mumbai! You will love it.... and College life! Damn! You are in for a ride! Enjoy! ...and Congrats! :)

Meher said...

Yay yay yay! I'm so happy for you! :)
Also, Xaviers does invite symbi for its annual fest, so yeah, that's about it. :D

tanya said...

However, my significant other, being determined and hardworking soul that she becomes at times,

Maryam said...

I hope you do good in future.
Best of luck! :) x

UjjwalRaaj said...

@aakash : Wow, that makes it all the more kickass!

@Ice : YES! I am so psyched about being closer to Mumbai! I'll probably come over on long weekends to crash! :D

@Meher: Haha, see you there!?!

@Tanya : I love you too :)

@Maryam: Thank you soo much!

Monty said...

Good luck fella. And ragging aint nothin to worry about, unless of course, you are forced to do a Ryan Dunn encore with the toy car. Look it up.

Essay Tea said...

congrats and good luck! i hope you have a great time. just for argument's sake though, if hypothetical ultra-conservative southern guy shudders at porn, exactly what do you expect when you light up in front of him?

Jessi Haish said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Disguise said...

You're goneeeee. I miss you.

Dip said...

well done !!!!!!!

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