Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winds of Change.

I know it's been almost a month. The folks at Indiblogger won't be too happy with me. It's been a wild ride the last couple of weeks, moving to a new city and starting university and all that....though it feels like I'm back in school again...for reasons I shall mention later....but hmm..

I wanted to cover the journey and my first few days into university. This is one attempt. I'm using a Canon 600D with an 18-55mm IS and 50mm f/1.8.Random clicks. I've taken a liking to monochrome. I love my new camera. Needless to say. But still.

Delhi airport domestic terminal...while waiting for my flight to Pune.



what university?

Ice Maiden said...

oooooh I love prime lens's! :) :)

I cant do without my own 35mm f1.8 and love the old version of your lens - 50mm f1.4 :) Its super duper awesomeness! :) :)

Purba said...

So is Pune better than Delhi?

UjjwalRaaj said...

@THOTZONE : Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication.

@Ice Maiden: I love the 50mm 1.4, but it costs 20 grand more...so uhmm yeah.... I'd really like a 35 though.


ANY PLACE IS BETTER THAN DELHI...from the cultural/educational/creative point of view.

Beer is really expensive and so are auto fares. 80% of all traffic is two wheelers because of the HUGE student population. It's very safe to venture out or come back late at night..even for women...and it's only when I'm here that I realize how much life is easier minus the hyper vigilant state of mind that I carried around in Delhi. I'll right about that.

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