Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I know it seems a bit rushed, and I admit, I was in a hurry, not my best, but still gives me the satisfaction of having finished something. 

And the rains they come crashing down on me,
Washing away my fears.

And the drops they fall gently,
Concealing my tears.
The restless dust from the movement above
Floating through the sky,
 Comes down, settleson our heads,
As time stands still,
As time drags itself…and slowly goes on by.

The sky is darkened and overcast,
A war is being waged.
A flash of lightning,
A gust of wind,
Reapings of sowings,
Preciousness, liquid gold,
is gauged.

Indra’s chariot roars through the sky,
His charioteer manic and possessed.
His elephants they thunder with all their might.
Their trumpet calls awakening dead dry souls
The armies march forward  way above.
As to us mortals,
A bright sunlit day, proceeds to turn into the night.

Infants cry,
A nightmare  or a dream?
The dogs bark, the cats call.
The end is near it seems.
The rains they lash on my bare back,
Tearing the  strongest of ligaments,
of what were my chains,

The rains they come to lift me up,
No more suffering, no more pain.

As I look for answers, way above and beyond,
Towards those war torn skies,
The clouds now broken apart,
A drop lands on my forehead.
Giving life to my limbs,
Giving life to my heart.

The soil of this earth is awakened
The grass is much greener.
The ants they struggle to build again,
The birds their chirrupings louder.

Amidst and almost drowning in 
In an ocean of  cacophony,
Off color, sound and taste and smell,
As the clouds bid I, fare thee well,
A familiar feeling overcomes me,
Almost nostalgic.

An irritant need perhaps…
To lose myself
In the skies,
To my surroundings pay no heed
And break free from all earthly ties.


kanika said...

I love the last stanza. Somehow I feel it too.
Not your best, I must agree. But I;m glad you thought of telling me you wrote it, because I remember you talking to me about how you planned to write something about the rain.
You can do better, Sen. Awesome nevertheless.

uma nair said...

creating is an elixir in itself ...pl mail it to me....awesome...love the imagery that goes back into myth moods...bless you...thanks for sharing....

Crazy Diamond said...

wow..which school do you guys go to !? are you, Nil and Dish in the same one? all of you are so talented and amazing with words.

UjSen said...

@Kanika : The last stanza I've used in another poem of mine,one of my first ones....come to think of it, the last stanza was probably the first piece of poetry I ever did ! =D

@Uma Ma'am : Yes, I shall, thank you!

@Dipti...or is it diptee? :\

Haha, No we don't, I have the privilege of being in an all boys institution. But Nilanjana and Dishari are very good friends of mine. We stay very close by. Same neighbourhood lol.

And thank you sooooo much!

Are you always awake at odd hours? xP

nil said...

I agree, this one's surely not one of your bests..
Few stanzas inbetween were beautifully described, but few of them sounded amateur. The first stanza felt like there was too much effort for the rhyming scheme.
It was a mix and match. All in all, not one of the bests. You've done much better work.

But, nevertheless, good work. Good work. I'm glad you posted it.

Disguise said...

I'm not going to say *not your best* cause we've already established that. But nonetheless, whatever you write, does things to me. :) It stays with me way after I've read it, and as a writer, that means you've succeeded

Priyanka Banerjee said...

Hey! its quite nice. I really enjoyed it, the second and last stanza especially. I'm surprised i liked it! I dont like poems that dont rhyme. Call me immature, but whatever, thats just the way it it. But your poem! Waah! :)
According to everyone else, this isnt your best. Cant comment on that, since I havent really read too much of your work...but i do look forward to reading more of your writings now!

UjSen said...

@Nilanjana : Thank you so much! I agree with what you've said, but I never really tried at all, like most of my poems, the lines hit me at different times. :)

@Dishari: That's a huge huge compliment!! I haven't got one like that in a long time now! Thank you.

@priyanka : Thank you soo much, it's not about being immature, it's about a particular kind of writing that you like and don't. I hate Stephanie meyer, but a lot of people love her LOL.

I'd love it if you read more! :)